Discover Pain Free Living with an Endometriosis Specialist Singapore

Endometriosis is a very common issue that women may have to deal with during the time that they are in their child-bearing years. There is no known reason for it to happen, but there are several potential theories about why it may affect some women and not others. The only thing we truly understand is that the effects can be devastating for a woman with it. One of the main things that she will have to deal with is pain. The main may increase as endometriosis progresses. The good news is; you can discover pain free living with an endometriosis specialist Singapore.

Understanding Endometriosis

No one knows what causes endometriosis, but the fact that it affects women who are having their menstrual cycle are all potential victims who may end up with it. There is some research that shows it may happen because your monthly flow, flows backward instead of out of the body like it should. This allows the womb lining to travel back into the pelvis, where it may implant itself on the ovaries, womb, fallopian tubes, the pelvic lining, and in some cases, the intestines. Often, the first sign of it is pain in the lower stomach, especially during intimate times. Long term complications may include infertility and increased amounts of pain. Some women even have pain when having a bowl movement. This is why it is important to treat it as you are able to, depending on the severity of your situation and whether you are interested in having children or not.

Endometriosis Treatment Options

Although there is no chance for a perfect treatment when you are fighting endometriosis, there are several options for you to consider. Your endometriosis specialist in Singapore can talk to you about your unique treatment options. If you are not dealing with a lot of pain and you are not trying to conceive, you may have luck fighting against it with hormones. This will slow the menstrual cycle and interrupt your ovulation so that endometriosis will not progress, but with it, you will not be able to conceive. If you still want to have children, you may choose to have surgery, but this should not be considered unless necessary. Instead, you may choose to have your specialist talk to you about invitro fertilization options, which will allow you to possibly conceive and carry, even if it is not the way most people do it.

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